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manufacturer-number: N000530 - KNX Universal Presence Detector KLR 360° with constant light control incl. Bus Coupler The version KLR is additional fitted with constant light control.Constant Light Control:Presence detectors with constant light control dispose of additional functions. They do not only send a dimming value of 0 to 100% but can also be switched by presence or a control command. Even standby time and brightness can be parameterized individually. For lamps that can be dimmed activation is achieved by permanent constant light control by means of a value object Absolute Dimming. The constant light control receives the actual value from the common brightness measurement. Switch on (start of constant light control) as well as switch off (stop) can be carried out using object 16, the light channel or the HVC channel. Basically, after switch on/return of the bus voltage, the switch on process is started due to the transient response of the internal circuit. In addition to the standard parameters such as nominal value, transmission difference, selection of control channel, cyclical sending, switch-on value, switch-on delay, forced control, dimming step intervals and range the constant light control disposes of a scene control as well as a parameter set to adapt the control parameters of the PID controller.The differences and most important advantages of a presence detector compared with a motion detector (simple light measurement, malfunction caused by artificial light) are the universal application thanks to the special and permanent light measurement (daylight and/or mixed light measurement). The light value measurement is executed by a special sensor which disposes of a spectral sensitivity similar to the human eye. Another advantage is the complete 360° room monitoring without any obstacles (for ceiling installation) with one single detector. The detector can capture an area of approx. 16x16 meters with the movement detection, a pure presence detection covers approx. 6x6 meters. When installed on the ceiling vandalism and theft by simply removing the detector is almost impossible. This is particularly important for public buildings. Larger rooms can be equipped with additional detectors based on the Master/Slave Function. Switching the 4 Pyro detectors on or off via ETS permits to influence the detection which can again be adjusted individually by sensitivity parameters. Applications: Semi or fully-automatic corridor lighting or basic lighting control with restricted and manual operation as well as scene control for each room, particularly in apartment rooms, offices and spare rooms, bathroom/WC, corridors and staircases etc., control of workplace lighting, switching and dimming functions, HCV (Heating, Climate, Ventilation) presence control, simple alarm functions, hotel room control, server room monitoring (activating cameras, light or alarm functions, access control etc.). When installed on the ceiling ideal for rooms with limited installation options (glass or metal walls).
Monitor Everything. This high-definition camera delivers high-quality video for remote viewing on the tablet or smartphone you already own The mydlink™ Home Monitor HD allows you to monitor your home, whenever, from wherever. See everything in full colour high definition 720p with sound. The built-in night vision allows you to see up to 5 metres even in complete darkness. It’s easy to setup, connects to your home Wi-Fi and can even alert you when motion or sound is detected. What’s more, it works with other mydlink™ Home smart devices to enable you to create a smart home without complicated setup, installation cost or monthly subscription charges. The mydlink™ Home smartphone and tablet app is the command centre for the D-Link range of smart home technology devices, enabling you to set, control, monitor and automate. mydlink™ Home app-enabled. Use the free mydlink™ Home app to view what your Monitor HD sees, using your tablet or smartphone to control it wherever you are in the world. Wireless connectivity. Connect the Monitor HD to your Wireless home network, easily and conveniently, using one-button setup. Motion detection with night vision. Never miss a thing with the ability to be notified when motion is detected, and night vision ensures clear images even in low-light conditions, so you can always see what the Monitor HD sees. HD Clarity. See all the details with high definition 720p colour images with sound. Simply press a button to securely connect to your home Wi-Fi network with Wi-Fi Protected Setup. No additional control hub needed. Monitor your home in crystal clear HD 720p. See everything in detail, even when zoomed in. Built-in night vision function allows you to see up to 5 metres even in complete darkness. Motion & Sound Detection alerts you with push notification whenever motion or sound is detected. View securely over the Internet through your smartphone or tablet. Works with iOS and Android smartphone and tablet* through the free mydlink™ Home app Camera Hardware Profile1/4” Megapixel progressive CMOS sensor5 metre IR illumination distance Minimum illumination: 0 lux with IR LEDs on Built-in Infrared-Cut Removable (ICR) Filter module4X digital zoom Lens: Fixed length 2.38 mm Aperture: F2 4Angle of view:(H) 78 44°(V) 47 9°(D) 85 98°Minimum object distance: 434 mm Exposure Time: 1/7.5 to 1/24,000 sec Built-in microphone Image Features Configurable image size, quality, frame rate, and bit rate Configurable brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation and hue Configurable motion detection windows Time stamp and text overlays Video Compression: Simultaneous H.264/MJPEG format compression, JPEG for still images Video Resolution: 1280 x 720, 800 x 600, 720 x 480, 640 x 480, 320 x 240 at frame rates up to 30 fps Audio Compression: AAC, G.711 Connectivity802 11b/g/n/ac wireless with WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption Operates on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands Maximum data rate of 433 Mbps (PHY rate)2Network Protocols IPV4, ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMPDHCP Client NTP Client (D-Link).
UPC: 7900694096460
Eaton / Cutler Hammer Terminal lug kit can accommodate a cable of size 4/0 - 500 kcmil for superior conductivity. Kit is CSA certified.
UPC: 782114665473
Eaton / Cutler Hammer
i3 Lexmark IJ650 Compaq IJ652 Compaq X1100 Lexmark X1110 Lexmark X1130 Lexmark X1140 Lexmark X1150 Lexmark X1155 Lexmark X1160 Lexmark X1170 Lexmark X1180 Lexmark X1185 Lexmark X1190 Lexmark X1195 Lexmark X1240 Lexmark X1270 Lexmark X1290 Lexmark X2230 Lexmark X2240 Lexmark X2250 Lexmark X74 Lexmark X75 Lexmark Z13 Lexmark Z23 Lexmark Z23e Lexmark Z24 Lexmark Z25 Lexmark Z25L Lexmark Z25LE Lexmark Z33 Lexmark Z34 Lexmark Z35 Lexmark Z35LE Lexmark Z35t Lexmark Z510 Lexmark Z515 Lexmark Z517 Lexmark Z600 Lexmark Z601 Lexmark Z602 Lexmark Z603 Lexmark Z605 Lexmark Z611 Lexmark Z612 Lexmark Z613 Lexmark Z614 Lexmark Z615 Lexmark Z617 Lexmark Z640 LA LV Lexmark Z645 Lexmark Z647 LA LV Lexmark Lexmark #16 (Compatible) Black Inkjet Cartridge - Lexmark 10N0016 for Lexmark X1240 / Z35t / Z645 & Various Other Printers 0
Hauck 3 Way Baby Carrier This comfortable and flexible Baby Carrier is the ideal companion for parents with an active lifestyle. The Carrier is suitable for carrying your baby both on your chest and on your back. If you wish to carry your child on your chest facing you simply open the zip in the ergonomically shaped seat unit – this way your little one automatically takes over the straddle position recommended by physicians and snuggles up close to your body. If your child wants to discover the world around, all you have to do is close the zip and let him or her face forwards. Another option is carrying you child on the back – simply choose the way of carrying your little one likes best. The Hauck 3 Way Baby Carrier can easily be adjusted to any position and size and thus meets the needs of active and modern parents perfectly. Please note: This Baby Carrier is suitable for children who are able to hold their head without external support only. Details: * Safety and comfort for your child * Physician-recommended straddle position * Straps can be adjusted individually * No back complaints * Wipeable * Weight: 0,4 kg
UPC: 4007923580974
Hauck P/N: 580974
Frigorífico 2 puertas. Tipo de frío: Cíclico Frigorífico: Lámpara interior. Bandejas ajustables Cristal. Estantes en puerta Completo. Cajón verdulero Deslizante. Huevera 1 Cubitera. Descongelación Automática. Congelador: Capacidad Congelación (Kg/24h) 3,5. Tiempo recuperación (h) 16. 1 Cubitera Descongelación Manual. Volumen neto frigorífico (l) 210. Volumen neto congelador (l) 49. Clasificación Energética A+. Clase climática SN-ST. Sistema de control Mecánico. Sistema de Frío Estático. Color Blanco. Apertura puerta Reversible. Consumo Energía (Kwh/24h) 0,658. Altura (cm) 160 x
UPC: 5944008910624
Finally! Organic Eco-Friendly Toxin-Free Green Home Cleaning Products. HANDLES TOUGH HOUSEHOLD SURFACES NO TOXINS • NO CHEMICALS • ECO-FRIENDLY • BIODEGRADABLE Revolutionary Nano Technology Breaks Matter Into Microscopic Particles to Dissolve and Wipe Away Tough Cleaning Challenges. SUZANNE™ All Purpose Cleaner is a completely non-toxic, bio-based cleaner that uses a revolutionary technology to break apart organic matter into particles 40,000 times smaller than a human hair. This dissolves 99% of all household cleaning challenges including dirt, oil, grease, soap scum, hard water deposits, and more. What’s left is a biodegradable, non-toxic emulsion that washes away with a MSDS rating of "0" hazardous impact on the environment . Keep Your Home Healthy! Household Cleaning Supplies with No Toxins or Chemicals. No chemical exposure for you and your family . No hazardous fumes from inhaling spray or mist. TAKES ON TOUGH KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CLEANING CHALLENGES: COUNTERS REFRIGERATORS HARD WATER STAINS CHROME, NICKEL, STAINLESS STEEL TILE, TUBS, SHOWERS SINKS WINDOWS BAKED-ON STOVETOPS & OVENS FLOORS FAUCETS SOAP SCUM MIRRORS SINKS TOILETS WINDOWS AND MORE CONTAINS NO: HARMFUL DETERGENTS • PETROLEUM SOLVENTS AMMONIA • CHLORINE • NITRATES • PHOSPATES CARCINOGENS • SOAP • ANIMAL PRODUCTS ALCOHOL • SULFATES • PEGS • PARABENS [break] Directions: Container arrives with 2 ounces of concentrated SUZANNE™ All Purpose Cleaner. Remove cap and fill with water approximately one inch from the top. (Fill slowly to avoid bubbling, which can cause wasteful overflow.) Secure sprayer and gently shake to combine. For counters, stove-top, oven, tile, showers, and tubs: spray onto surface and wipe clean. For hard to remove substances, like soap scum, heavily accumulated grease, or burned food on stove-tops and ovens: allow 10-30 seconds to sit, then wipe clean. For windows: spray onto glass and wipe clean. For floors: spray directly on designated area and wipe clean. Ingredients: Plant Based Extracts (Soy, Corn, Tree Oils), Vegetable Fatty Acids And Water. keep out of reach of children made in the USA • no animal testing M-Code: SKAPC1299
Suzanne Somers
OOPS Wibrująca zawieszka piesekOpis:WIBRUJĄCA ZAWIESZKA PIESEKWibrująca zawieszka, którą można przymocowaćdo wózka lub łóżeczka.Wiek: 0+
UPC: 8033576716985
With Artec Industries brackets, we want to introduce a better looking product that has that custom one-off look and solve some of the issues that have plagued some of the generic brackets on the market, thus making them function better. Some common features that you'll see among our new brackets are: better access to grease fittings, bottom protection of the joint on lower link brackets, designs that make the bracket look like it was designed to be there from the beginning rather than just a piece of metal slapped on later, etc. Here are some of the highlights for this particular bracket that set it apart from all the others.2.625 mounting width with 9/16 bolt hole for common sized Cartridge Joints (Johnny, Flex, Ballistic, etc). Can be drilled out to larger hole size for 1.25 rod ends with spacers. Made from 1/4 thick boxed steel plate for strength and impact resistance. Grease fitting access on top to allow easy maintenance of your most abused joint. skid plate of bottom of bracket wraps around joint protecting it from direct impact and decreases premature wear on the joint. This leads to longer life and less replacements. Skid plate design does not restrict movement of joint. The style of the bracket gives a unique, custom one-off look you'd get with a high dollar fabrication shop. No more brackets that look like modified pieces of angle iron or c-channel, but rather formed pieces of artwork to show off. Universal application;Made from 1/4 inch thick mild steel;2.65 inch joint mounting width; 0°angle;Sold As A Pair;Rod end not included;Bare steel
Artec Industries P/N: BR1010
Protect your compact digital camera from wear and tear with the stylish durable carrying case. Adorned with a rich Chinese silk brocade design this case is the perfect combination of fashion and function. The sides are constructed of a rigid material covered with tough nylon fabric. A soft sueded interior helps to further protect your camera and a strong magnetic clasp keeps the case closed. Several small pockets inside the case provide room for storing memory cards. Includes a belt loop and leather wrist strap.
UPC: 737073034426
REVALESKIN Rejuvenating Enzyme Masque is a natural formula that features 0.
UPC: 186643002820
RevaleSkin P/N: REV-4319-120
dimensions: 44,5 x 482,6 x 217,0 mm, 19", Weight: 2,25 Kg, balanced In- and Outputs with 1/4" jacks and XLR connectors, 1U, expader, gate, compressor, peak limiter
Denim boyfriend jeans featuring a front zipper placket, button, and belt loops. Three open front pockets and two open back pockets. Wrinkle and distress accents throughout. Rolled cuffs. Unlined. Lightweight.100% CottonHand Wash Cold100% CottonHand Wash ColdImported
UPC: 407000285701
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Shackle Shackle; Heavy Duty; Additional Shipping Charges Will Apply; Front w/0 in. Lift Tomken Machine Tomken Machine Shackle - TMH-0204-F TMH-0204-F Leaf Spring Shackle Kit
Tomken Machine P/N: TMH-0204-F
Rawlings Heritage Pro Series 11.50 Inch Baseball Glove HPW204DSB. The Rawlings Heritage Pro Series gloves are constructed of a Double tanned shell leather and combine pro patterns with moldable padding to provide an easy break-in process. Features: 11.50 Inch Infield Pattern Conventional Open Back Deertanned Plus Cowhide Palm Lining For Comfort & Pocket Retention Double Tanned Leather Shell - Game Ready Feel With Exceptional Durability Moldable Padding Allows For Easy Break-In Process Padded Thumb Loop Pro I-Web Split Leather Welting For Shape Retention Thermoformed Wrist Strap Lining Ensures Perfect Fit & Removes Moisture
Rawlings P/N: 11311
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