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The Speck-patented CandyShell is the best of both worlds: Moto Z Droid cases that look as good as it protects. Its patented dual-layer construction absorbs shock to provide military-grade protection, yet it's slim enough to slide in and out of pockets with ease. So for sleek style and military-grade protection in one durable case, get CandyShell from Speck. Dual-layer protection Patented design provides two layers of protection in a single-piece construction that's easy to put on and take off. Military-grade drop tested Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. Drop tested onto a hard, unrelenting surface with phone retaining full functionality and no damage to screen or buttons. Impact resistant Hard shell exterior guards against impact, while glossy finish helps these covers slide in and out of pockets with ease. Shock absorbent Soft, rubbery interior and reinforced corners absorb shock from occasional bumps and drops. Detailed to defend Raised bezel protects screen from impact and adds grip so your phone can lie face down on tables or dashboards without sliding. Rubberized covers shield volume and power buttons while keeping them fully accessible. Lab-tested proven protection Like all Speck cases, this CandyShell stood up to extreme temperatures, repeated functionality testing, and even everyday spills like greasy suntan lotion.
Disney Dawg Tags Shoe Charms let you combine the magic of your favorite Disney characters with the comfort of your favorite Dawgs shoes. There are dozens of unique Disney designs from classics like Mickey Mouse to new favorites like Dory. Whether you're shopping for yourself or buying a gift for someone else, Disney Dawg Tags Shoe Charms offer something for everyone. Dawg Tags Shoe Charms fit most EVA clogs and mules, as well as Dawgs Spirit Shoes. With a simple press-and-twist Safety Lock System, Dawg Tags are easy to install or remove, so you can switch them quickly to match any outfit. Build your collection for endless combinations, and have fun turning your Dawgs shoes into your favorite fashion accessories!
Firma Casio vešla ve známost především díky své velmi odolné řadě hodinek edice G-Shock, jež jsou prima módním prvkem pro sportovce a díky své vysoké odolnosti jsou oblíbené u záchraných a vojenských složek. Řada hodinek G-Shock získala fanoušky na celém světě a a lze o těchto náramkových hodinkách napsat že jsou doslova jedny z nejprodávanějších sportovních hodinek. Další velmi zajímavou řadou hodinek je kolekce Edifice, která se odkazuje na motorist. Hodinky z edice Edifice zcela určitě znají především milovníci rychlých kol a výkonných motorů. Ale pozor, značka Casio, to nejsou jen sportovní hodinky . Na své si přijde opravdu každý. Pro nejmladší zákazníky je zde edice Baby-G, která výborně charakterizuje mladistvou rozpustilost. Na svoje si přijdou i ti, které baví horská turistika. Pro milovníky sportovních aktivit je pak určena řada hodinek Protrek. Opět se jedná o odolné hodinky jenž se skvělé hodí do přírody. Edice Protrek je vybavena skvělými funkcemi, keré oceníte jak na vysokohrském treku, tak při krátké pocházce přírodou. Něžnému pohlaví je potom určena edice Sheen, která zvýrazňuje ženskou krásu a eleganci. Náramkové hodinky edice Sheen nejsoou jenom pouhé hodinky, jsou ale i nádherný módní doplněk. Další kolekcí hodinek Casio je řada Collection. Kolekce Casio hodinek Collection nese řadu různých stylů hodinek pro všemožné příležitosti. Naleznete tady hodinky vhodné na denní nošení ale i náramkové hodinky vhodné pro vyjímečné okamžiky, na schůze a jednání. Tato kolekce zahranuje jak klasické hodinky, tak elegantní a módní hodinky. Další zajímavou kolekcí hodinek Casio je edice Wave Ceptor. Tyto Casio hodinky jsou ovládány rádiovým signálem, díky čemuž tak budete vědět vždy naprosto přesný čas. Tyto náramkové hodinky si oblíbili zejména časově vytížení lidé, kterým jde o každou minutu a kteří doslova vyvažují čas zlatem. Nesmíme zapomenout ani na další sportovní řadu hodinek Casio, kterou je řada Sport. Tyto náramkové hodinky jsou určeny zejména lidem, kteří holdují aktivnímu stylu života a kterým není cizí slovo sport. Firma Casio má jednoduše bohatou nabídku hodinek pro každého. Najdete tu módní dámské hodinky ale i klasické pánské náramkové hodinky.
UPC: 4971850085119
Unparalleled indulgence meets impeccable design in this luxurious assortment. The zBox 60 includes a selection of our classic Z chocolates, the entire Numbered Collection, plus duplicates of our most-popular Numbered pralines. A sumptuous marriage of flavor and style, it’s sure to be a dream-come-true for the chocolate-lover in your life.
Healthy Genes Formula, Potent Resveratrol, and Green Tea All in One Powerful Supplement Kit. Support cellular health and promote healthy DNA – Featured in Tox-Sick The Cellular Support Kit contains our unique Healthy Genes Formula, plus potent Resveratrol and Green Tea supplements to protect your DNA, support cellular health and function, and promote longevity and overall health. Retail value of $82! Protect Your DNA, Support Cellular Health and Function, Promote Longevity and Overall Health This kit includes 3 supplements: Healthy Genes Formula Promotes the body’s defenses against free radicals and chemical assault The ingredients in Healthy Genes Formula support cellular health and promote healthy DNA: curcumin promotes healthy cellular function and protects cells from oxidizing free radicals. 1-4 Chlorophyllin also helps guard against free radicals 5-7 — but also binds to certain chemicals, helping the body eliminate them. 8, 9 The organically grown wasabi rhizome supports healthy liver enzymes, promotes healthy DNA and encourages a healthy inflammatory response. 10-14 And standardized broccoli extract delivers bioactive compounds highly recommended for good health! Green Tea Powerful EGCG polyphenols for optimal health Green Tea (Decaffeinated) is a high-potency, standardized to 98% polyphenols green tea extract. It delivers more than three times the polyphenols as a single cup of green tea — including the beneficial epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) antioxidant for a wide variety of health benefits. Resveratrol Advanced formula promotes longevity and overall health This highly advanced resveratrol formulation includes trans -resveratrol, grape-berry actives, quercetin, fisetin, and trans -pterostilbene to mimic some of the same youthful gene expression changes as seen in calorie-restricted diets, unlock your longevity genes, promote healthy insulin sensitivity, cellular energy production, a healthy response to inflammation, and more. 15-29 [break] FAQs Why is Wasabi rhizome part of the Healthy Genes Formula? Wasabi is a rich source of long-chain methyl isothiocyanates, which have been shown to help support healthy liver enzymes, DNA, and encourage a healthy inflammatory response. 10-14 Why is broccoli extract included in the Healthy Genes Formula? Standardized broccoli extract contains concentrated levels of glucosinolate and sulforaphane, compounds that provide isothiocyanates that are recommended for promoting health. What is Green Tea (Decaffeinated)? Green Tea (Decaffeinated) is a concentrated and dual-standardized green tea extract supplement containing 98% total polyphenols and 45% EGCG polyphenol to ensure the highest quality, consistency, and health benefits. Will Green Tea (Decaffeinated) keep me up at night? Most likely, no. Green Tea (Decaffeinated) contains a maximum of 3.6 mg of caffeine. But just ONE cup of DECAFFEINATED green tea contains at least 9 mg of caffeine! So one serving of Green Tea (Decaffeinated) will most likely NOT induce a stimulating effect. What is resveratrol? Resveratrol is a compound found in red grapes and red wine (and certain types of Japanese seaweed). Due to modern production practices, the actual amount of resveratrol found in red wine has dropped significantly. What are the benefits of resveratrol’s other ingredients? Trans -pterostilbene promotes cardiovascular health, supports glucose levels already within the normal range, encourages anti-aging benefits, and even encourages cognitive health. 30-37 Fisetin, a compound derived from strawberries, promotes DNA protection, healthy cellular function, and protects aging neurons from oxidative stress. 38-43 References Antioxid Redox Signal . 2005 Jan-Feb;7(1-2):32-41. Eur J Pharmacol . 2008 Sep 28;593(1-3):105-11. Food Funct . 2012 Nov;3(11):1109-17. Toxicol Ind Health . 2012 Aug 17. [Epub ahead of print] Biochim Biophys Acta . 2000 Sep 27;1487(2-3):113-27. Biochim Biophys Acta . 2004 May 3;1672(2):100-11. Z Naturforsch [C] .
Learn the language of the law, without the legalese! Open the average law dictionary and chances are you'll feel more confused than before you read a word. Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary is different. From "abrogate" to "zero tape", we've cut down on the Latin and defined common (and some not-so-common) terms you can really use to understand and access the law.Set aside those dusty, outdated law dictionaries! Written for the 21st century, this essential reference contains complete definitions of the legal terms you need today. If you're a law student, paralegal, accountant, small business owner or librarian - anyone whose work or life touches the law - this fully up-to-date A to Z guide puts access to the law into your hands.Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary contains 3, 800 plain-English legal definitions, including many newly coined terms you'll find online and off, such as "typosquatting" and "patent troll". Of course, if you need definitions for legal standards - even when they're in Latin - you'll find those here too. Plus, find a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America for your reference in the pages following the complete list of definitions."A unique combination of carefully researched legal scholarship and contemporary, real-world references."- Sheldon Siegel, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author of Judgement Day
ISBN: 1-4133-1037-0
Are you looking for a cool and interesting way to show some love for Kame House? If so, look no further than this officially licensed Dragonball Z hoodie! Featuring the symbol worn by some of the strongest warriors in the universe, this Kame House hoodie is perfect for any die hard fan of the anime series. Let the world know that you fight for earth with this awesome Dragonball hoodie that looks just like the suit worn by Goku and Krillin! Adult Orange Standard Fit Officially Licensed More Dragon Ball Z items: Dragon Ball Z Merchandise
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Gold is precious and valuable, a standard by which the value of other things are judged. As expressed in the gilded cap, GOLD JAY Z symbolizes SUCCESS, POWER, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, STRENGTH and PRIDE.GOLD JAY Z, a fragrance with a unique blend of intriguing tension, a fresh aromatic tone and rich warm sensuality comes thorough from the back conveying POWER, CONFIDENCE, SEX APPEAL.Iconic freshness perfected thorough a layered blend of Yellow Ginger, White Cardamon and Grapefruit with a hint of Blueberry. At the heart, a refined infusion of Violet Leaf, Cypress, Lavender and luxurious Vetiver with a thread of Pink Pepper giving a tailored, modern signature. A rich back note crafted from ingredients like Golden Amber, Patchouli, Teak and Bourbon Vanilla gives a final shot of gilded sensuality.
UPC: 608940555088
Integrate this Remote Z-Wave Interface into your home automation system to upgrade and expand your network.
UPC: 610585164310
HomeSeer Technologies P/N: Z-NET
Abstract Alphabet with colorful exotic corresponding animals.
UPC: 846418079524
Oopsy daisy P/N: BL_NI2687
Sumitomo HTR Z II Tire priced from $66.
Srixon Z F45 Fairway The explosive and versatile Srixon Z F45 fairway has a mid-size design engineered to maximize launch conditions from all lies for the "All Ability" player. Features: Shaft: MRC Kuro Kage Black® HBP 60 Grip: Lamkin UTx Full Cord Red (48g) Dual Speed Technology® Dual Speed Technology (DST®) maximizes a player's rotation efficiency while also delivering more kinetic energy at impact. The end result: More head speed, more ball speed, more distance. Quick Tune System® Fast, simple QTS® allows everyone to easilly adjust the loft, lie, face angle and center of gravity settings. Use the 12-way hosel to tune face angle and lie along with loft. The adjustable weight port comes standard with a 7-gram weight, and a 3- and 11-gram weights are also available to precisely tune center of gravity for optimial launch and spin. Steel Cup Face An ultra-hot HT1770 maraging steel cup face has raised the C.O.R. by 15 points for maximum ball speed. Variable Face Thickness The face designs create faster, more resilient impact surfaces with added forgiveness thanks to enhanced variable face thickness. Thinner heel and toe portions have created larger sweet spots in all Srixon Z Series woods, up to 35% larger than the previous generation.
Shop xerox 5018/5021/5328 (6r244) original black toner (2 pack) online from our store, 123 Ink Cartridges USA. All our remanufactured or compatible inkjet cartridges and remanufactured or compatible laser cartridges contain at least as much ink or toner as original manufacturer products. Indeed many ink cartridges and laser cartridges contain much more ink or toner. Some compatible inkjet cartridges contain as much as three times the amount of ink found in original inkjet cartridges. So no matter which make of printer you have, you can be assured that we can help you to reduce your printing costs, and we can supply the lot! Xerox 5018/5021/5328 (6R244) Original Black Toner (2 Pack) Compatible PrintersXerox 5017 / Xerox 5018 / Xerox 5018 Z / Xerox 5021 / Xerox 5028 / Xerox 5034 / Xerox 5317 / Xerox 5328 / Xerox 5334 / Xerox 5624 / Xerox 5626 / Xerox 5818 / Xerox 5820 / Xerox 5824 / Xerox 5826 / Xerox 5828 / Xerox 5830 / Xerox Vivace 130 / Xerox Vivace 160 / Xerox 5321 This original (OEM) Xerox 006R00244 Toner Cartridge is the genuine cartridge from Xerox and the goal of the Xerox 006R00244 Toner Cartridgecartridge is to offer the ultimate printing experience. We ensure you will get the best high quality printing supplies with the lowest costs possible from ordering your ink and toners online from We ship to all of Canada from our Western warehouse located in Vancouver and our Eastern warehouse located in Montreal. The delivery is as quick as ever.
Matlock Z Barrier is a rapidly deployable pedestrian barrier system which enables one person to carry and erect a high visibility temporary barrier - and all within a matter of minutes.
UPC: 5036140153103
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